Destination Management

We are based in Italy and Mexico, two different continents that allow us to give you a superlative service in both GMT and PT.

Luxur Destination Management Company is qualified and dedicated to help you through out the planning of your events. We are a team of Event Planners and Travel Advisors with more than 10 years of experience in various aspects of the travel industry. Plus, the company has alliances with the most qualified vendors to make the best of your destination event.

Our deep knowledge of both Countries (Italy and Mexico) helps us give you the best logistic options and practical advising for any kind of event. We have an outstanding position in our industry and are well know of being destination experts.

We pay deep attention to details and have a high standard on hospitality.


Our services include:

- events and weddings in Italy
- events and weddings in Mexico

- Italy –> Anywhere in the world
- Mexico –> Anywhere in the world
- Anywhere in the world –> Anywhere in the world
(we have different partnership with local DMC’s and planners in many Countries that make this possible)

We are available for companies, other event planners and single persons, to make your journey through our destination the best experience ever!

Please feel free to contact us for any further information at:









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